For property-secured debt investments

Great opportunities in private mortgage lending and investment

In an exclusive marketplace for property-secured investments in mortgage loans

We are experts in mortgage secured lending for business and investment purposes

Providing a fair deal to borrowers and lending investors alike

Build your own portfolio of high yield, property-secured debt investments.

Expand your investment portfolio with fixed interest debt investments

Mortgage secured loans paying returns from 6% to 12% pa

Diversify across loan purposes, security property types and geography

We are innovators in mortgage secured lending.

We arrange mortgage secured term loans to borrowers that require funding for business or investment purposes, and offer great opportunities to investors, both wholesale and institutional, looking for attractive fixed interest investment returns through property secured lending.

Competitive rates

For borrowers – interest rates from 7% pa
For investors – returns from 6% pa

Proven track record

Our team has facilitated well over $200 million worth of secured loans over the last 8 years with 100% return of capital to date.

Fast turnaround

We understand that business opportunities come and go quickly. We act urgently – with credit decisions in principle in hours and settlement in days as required.

Quality loans & investments

We fund borrowers quickly and efficiently by matching them to investors with the appropriate risk appetites.

Investor flexibility

Investors generally select each loan investment directly themselves. In some fund situations investors can mandate us to assign them to loans that meet their investment criteria.

Great service

Our customers are looked after by our trained and professional team – with prompt service and transparent communication every step of the way.

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Get started in three easy steps.

Start investing by lending your money to property owners and support their business & development process.
Choose each loan you want to invest or let us do it for you based on your criteria. Interets is paid monthly into your account.


Download the Information Memorandum (IM)
The IM tells you everything you need to know about the fund.



Fill out the Fund Application Form and register with us as an investor. More details available here.



Select your investments & transfer funds
Assess and select loan investment opportunities sent to you.


"Mortgage secured investments are a great way to diversify your investment portfolio."

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