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We understand the challenges brokers and professional intermediaries face when their clients require innovative solutions for tight deadlines or complex needs beyond traditional bank offerings. At Platinum Mortgage Securities, we specialize in delivering personalized and adaptable approaches to business and property finance, precisely tailored to meet the distinct requirements of each client, no matter how unconventional.

Recognizing the importance of exceptional service, we hold your clients in high regard. We acknowledge that the quality of service not only reflects on your business but also impacts ours. Therefore, we carefully select partners with whom we can cultivate collaborative and mutually beneficial long-term relationships, ensuring sustained business prosperity for all involved.


There are two ways in which Platinum Mortgage Securities works with our partner network:

You simply introduce your clients to us in return for an introducer/referrer fee if a loan eventuates. Data collection, credit assessment, negotiation and settlement processes are managed by Platinum Mortgage Securities working directly with your client, or

You can assume a full intermediary role between your client and Platinum Mortgage Securities in return for a full broker fee. In this situation, until the time of signature, we need little interaction with the borrower.

In both of these situations, an Introducer Agreement is important between us, either up front, in anticipation of loan opportunities to come over time, or at the time of your first loan application being introduced and processed.

If as a broker you operate under the banner of an aggregator that requires you to work only with a select panel of approved bank and non-bank funders, we can still assist you with those urgent, hard-to-place loans – call us on 1300 135 965 to discuss scenarios.


We tailor loan products to meet the needs of borrowers in special situations. We have cut out the complexity and frustrations of borrowing experienced with banks and created a range of highly flexible loans. We make credit decisions and can provide offer letters within 24 – 48 hours. Depending upon the status of property titles and the time required to value security properties, funds can be made available within 1 to 3 weeks.


We look forward to providing you with hassle-free service when seeking the right business or investment loan solutions for your clients. Whether they need cash-flow, have expansion or restructure plans, want to acquire assets or develop a property, or need finance for a wide range of other reasons, we can help.

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